If you’re starting the process of shopping for your dream home, congratulations! Shopping for your dream home is different from regular house hunting. When your dream home is on the line, you should focus on fulfilling both your wishes and your needs, rather than settling for a home that just meets your bare minimum requirements. Here are a few important ideas to consider as you shop for your dream home.


Before you shop for your dream home, you should have an idea of your dream location. The location of your home will have a big impact on your love (or lack of love) for the property. You should consider the location of the property generally, as well as specifically. Do you love urban, suburban, or rural areas? Do you like the location of the lot within the city? Research your desired location and research the crime rates there. The question of location is crucial, whether you’ve dreamed of waking up to the sound of waves on the beach, or have always wished for a penthouse in the city. Choosing a dream location can help you zero in on a specific area in which to start looking for your dream home.

Enough Space

Space is another important question that will impact your dream home shopping experience. Would you rather have a spacious house, a large backyard, or both? Take into consideration the size of your family, both now and in the future. You should also think about the space you’ll require for your favorite pastimes and hobbies. When looking at the space of a property, look at the square footage, as well as the layout of the property. Try to find a property that has enough space for you and your family to grow, without going overboard for more than your needs.

The Style You Want

Style is one of the more fun aspects of your dream home to consider. You’ll want to find a dream home in a style that not only fits your needs, but fits your personality as well. If you want a specific architectural style, make sure you get what you are looking for. If you haven’t taken the time to find out your dream style yet, go ahead and spend a few minutes looking at different homes. Make a list of what you love and hate about each of them. Research style of living as well as aesthetic. Would you prefer a single house as opposed to a condo or townhouse? Do you prefer an extravagant colonial style or a more reserved minimalist style? These answers to these questions are important to finding your dream house.


In an ideal world, money would be no object during our search for the home of our dreams. However, for many people, affordability is a deciding factor during house hunting. Therefore, you should find something that will fulfill your dream and that you can afford. As you hunt for your dream house, try to stick to your budget. If you stretch your money too thin, you might not have the means to pay the other costs of a home in addition to the monthly mortgage, such as local taxes, utility costs, and association fees. Budgeting in some breathing room will help you make sure you have enough money for other important costs of buying a home. It might even be helpful to try a personal budgeting app to help you plan how to save your money.

Cozy Outdoor Features

Many homeowners love to spend time outside, so their ideal dream home would be loaded with cozy outdoor features. These can include a patio, deck, pool, gazebo, green house, garden, fire pit, and more. A deck is one cozy outdoor feature that will add both monetary and aesthetic value to your home. Many deck features can create an attractive space for socializing with friends and family members. There are many types of decks; if you are interested in buying a house with a deck, doing some research on which style of deck you like would be wise.


As John Donne wrote, no man is an island. And no house is, either. For this reason, you should try to find your dream home within your ideal neighborhood. If you have kids at home, finding a neighborhood with good schools and kid-friendly activities nearby is a common requirement. Take your daily needs into consideration. Do you want to be close to the restaurants, clubs, and shops of the city? Or would you prefer a quieter neighborhood? Before you buy your dream home, try to spend time in the surrounding area. Try out some local restaurants or stroll down nearby sidewalks and parks. You can describe your ideal neighborhood to your real estate agent, and they can use this information to narrow down your options.

Wish List

Since shopping for your dream house is different from normal house hunting, you should equip yourself with a list of your wishes, as well as your needs. Don’t be shy—take some time to write out as many wishes as you have for your dream home. Have each person in your family participate in this activity. When you’re finished, you can rank each of these features by their importance according to your priorities. Even if you aren’t able to find a dream home that meets every single one of your wishes, you’ll find better homes if you know what you really wish for.


When searching for dream homes, age does make a difference. There are costs and benefits to both older houses and brand-new ones. Evaluate your own personal aesthetic and decide if the age of a property matters to you. Be aware that although older houses can be nostalgic and charming, they might also require some extra attention than brand new homes.


With homes, not all square footage is created equal. The layout of a home can feel cramped, even if there is a substantial amount of square footage. When buying your dream home, make sure to analyze its floor plan and choose one that will best suit your family. Imagine the ways in which you will use the spaces in your home. Will you be hosting large parties? Or are you more suited to small, intimate gatherings? Will there be children in your home? Would you rather have an open floor plan, or a layout with a little more structure? Finding the perfect layout for your family is crucial in the dream home shopping process.

As you consider each of these ideas, you’ll be sure to have a better idea of what to look for when shopping for a dream home. Spending time evaluating your priorities and aesthetic values will help you find the home that will facilitate your personal “happily ever after.”

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