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How to Conduct an Interview When Trying to Find a Realtor

Trying to find a realtor in Iowa City, North Liberty, or Coralville, Iowa, can seem like a crapshoot to many people. While many high-quality agents are more than worth your time, others will cost a lot of money before you realize that they weren’t right for your needs. Therefore, it is critical to fully understand this situation and how to reach out to high-quality agents to get the help that you need.

Research What You Want

Before you even start trying to find a realtor who you can trust, you need to make sure that you research exactly what you want from these professionals. This step is often a tricky one because you’ll need to research elements such as the size of a home, the type of real estate that you want to purchase, and much more to ensure that you fully understand the interview.
For example, you need to know what kind of property that you want, the utilities that are necessary for your purchase, and a variety of other elements. These simple aspects should be outlined on a piece of paper that you can hand to the agent before you start talking. In this way, it is easier to work together because you’ve minimized any possible confusion.
Present this information at the beginning of your interview to give your agent a chance to check into what you want. In this way, they can prepare their statements more efficiently and get an idea of whether they are an excellent choice for your needs or not. If they aren’t quite right for you but push to be your agent anyway, there’s a good chance that they’re just trying to get money from you.

Start Asking Questions

After you know precisely what you want with an agent, it is time to start asking them questions. Try to choose a neutral interview location that makes both of you feel comfortable. While you may want to put them on your territory to get the upper hand, keeping your agent relaxed increases the chances of them giving honest answers to the many questions that you need to ask.
For example, you need to ask your realtor about their experience, the kinds of property that they’ve sold before, and the satisfaction of their many customers. These questions will vary depending on why you want to find a realtor but should be focused on what they can do for you that others cannot.

In this way, you can find the best agent for your needs at a price that you can more than afford for your needs. Just as importantly, you can avoid getting the runaround from an agent who doesn’t have your best interests in mind on every deal that you make.

Pay Attention to Their Reactions

As you ask questions of your potential agent or dealer, make sure that you pay special attention to how they react. These individuals should have an open and honest reaction to what you have to say and provide answers without difficulty.
They should either have answers readily available or which is available with only a few minutes of simple research. Just as importantly, they shouldn’t try to obviously bluff their way through a deal if they don’t have an obvious answer.
Lastly, you need to make sure that you find a realtor who reacts to your questions in a friendly way without responding poorly. Some dealers may ask you why you are annoying them or try to evade your questions by giving vague answers. This situation may be down to the individual having a hard time trusting others, or they may be trying to hide information. Whatever the deal, pass on these realtors.

Make The Situation Personal

When we say make it personal when trying to find a realtor, we don’t mean that you should be insulting or mean spirited to your potential agent. Far from it! Instead, you should try to ingratiate yourself to them in a way that makes them more likely to share information with you. This part of the interview process is the most personal and requires a lot of charisma and patience to execute.
Try to make a connection with a realtor that goes beyond buying and selling. This doesn’t mean that you need to become friends – in fact, it is probably a good idea to avoid becoming friends. A dealer who is your friend may have a hard time giving you bad news about a deal, but one who trusts you and likes you will do so to help keep your agreement secure.
Most importantly, you need to use your connection with the agent to better understand possible deals that you may want to make. For example, your dealer should trust you enough to share information about their commissions and how much money they stand to make when you buy a home. Anybody who doesn’t share this information is not worth your time.

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